Connecting Brands to the People Who Buy Them

Brands running Registria identify 5x more of their customers, grow ecommerce sales
by more than 25% and reduce support costs by 10%. Find Out How >

Convert Registrations to Revenue

Product registration is the most effective method for manufacturers to identify their customers. As the only customer experience platform that converts registration growth into new revenues, Registria helps brands create advocates, increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs via exclusive online owner centers. Explore Our Services >

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Unite the Customer Experience

Registria’s highly flexible, cloud-based platform effectively weaves together all the threads of the customer experience without the hassle or expense of traditional systems integration efforts. From registration and ecommerce to post-sale service and support, our technology is built to meet the global demands of your direct-to-consumer strategy. See Our Platform >

Sell Globally with a Powerful eCommerce Solution

Expand revenue in any country virtually overnight with Registria’s native ecommerce engine. Tier 1 PCI-compliant and connected to more than 50 payment gateways worldwide, Registria has become the platform of choice for manufacturers seeking to sell globally and transact in local languages and currency. Explore Our eCommerce >


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